How to Keep Sexual Practice Safe in a FWB Relationship

As we all know, the core of a FWB relationship is sex, which is the main reason why all the adult affair finders join in such a casual sexual relationship. Therefore, how to keep all hookup finders' sexual behaviors safe is what they must understand and learn. Only in this way can they enjoy sex while keeping the NSA relationship safe and without any harm to their bodies. Although this sounds simple, it's usually ignored by many of the causal encounters. Of course, there are hookup finders who don't know how to make their sex safe at all. Here are the rules that should be learned by all of the adult affair finders to keep their FWB relationships safe.

Safe sex doesn't mean monotonous sex

Maybe some of them think that once they restrain their behavior and try to keep the relationship safe, the sexual behavior will lose a lot of fun and become monotonous and boring. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of safe sex. In a quick flirt relationship, safe sex is to allow hookup finders to freely explore the pleasures of sex within their scope. For example, you can still buy all kinds of sex toys, as well as all kinds of lingerie. These will not only bring you pleasant and exciting sexual enjoyment, but also will not cause any harm and threat to your body. So, what we need to know is that even if they need to keep this NSA dating relationship within a safe range, they will not lose the fun they should have.

Safe communication

Your sexual connection includes not only making love in your bedroom, but also your sexual communication through various communication media. For example, you may flirt by texting or voice; some hookup finders may communicate by video call. There are all kinds of communication media in the song. But not every medium is absolutely safe, especially video calls. Your partner is likely to screen you as you take off your clothes. In this way, when your nude photos are saved on other people's mobile phones, you put yourself in danger. When your NSA relationship breaks down, you cannot guarantee that your sexual partner will not share your pornographic photos with others. So when you communicate with your partner, you have to be very careful.

Make sure you have sex in a safe environment

In addition to you to ensure that your communication media is safe, but also to ensure that you have sex in a safe environment. For example, when you accept the invitation of your FWB to do it at his home, you should make sure that there is no camera or monitor in his bedroom. Once he has a video of you having sex, he may use it to blackmail you. In this way, not only your personal safety and property safety are not guaranteed, but your reputation will be greatly affected. If you can't guarantee that his home environment is safe, then you can change the place where you meet. Move your sex scene to a safe place.